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Algebraic soft-decoding of Reed-Solomon codes

October 8, 2007

Since there is no site dedicaced to publishing (master) thesis works and other scientific contribution, here it is. It explains the recent algorithm developped by Sudan, Guruswami as well as the enchancement from Koetter, Vardy to provide soft-decoding. I.e, decoding by taking advantage of the likelyhood of each symbol. This results in better decoding performances than classical Reed-Solomon decoding techniques for any code rate.

The thesis is a homogenous explanation of the whole algorithm, explaining everything from the ground up. There is an emphasis on pedagogical approach and a reader should be able to understand completely the algorithm and to program their own RS soft-decoder by reading it. Each chapter is accompagned by examples to consolidate and facilitate your understanding. Along with this thesis comes a C# implementation (which focuses on source code clarity) .

Download thesis (pdf)